BREAK-THRU® - Technology for Agriculture

BREAK-THRU® - Surfactant technology from Evonik

We are committed to providing specialty additives to the agricultural industry, for both uses such as tank mix adjuvants and in-can additives for pesticide formulations.

With an emphasis on innovative solutions, we offer agricultural chemicals based on both siloxane and organic surfactants under the BREAK-THRU® brand name such as spreaders and penetrants, antifoams, dispersants and emulsifiers.Our experienced staff of agronomists and surfactant experts links agronomy with chemistry.

When our flagship product BREAK-THRU® S 240 was introduced in 1992, our focus was on tank-mix adjuvants. Since then, we evolve to including different surfactant classes into pesticide formulations. Drawing upon our in-house pool of surfactants and the in-depth knowledge of interfacial processes and technologies, we have expanded our product portfolio to include additional organomodified siloxanes and other specialty surfactants. BREAK-THRU® is a registered trademark of Evonik Industries. 



Brochure "Additives for crop protection"

Other solutions, services and products for the agriculture market are offered by other departments of Evonik. From crop-protection agents, fertilizers, pesticides, anticaking, anti-fouling and soilconditioners to disinfection and aeration agents – the application fields of the Evonik products and competencies
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