Participants of the BREAK-THRU® workshop in Krakow, Poland
Participants of the BREAK-THRU® workshop in Krakow, Poland
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Better protection for plants

In early November, Interface & Performance held a BREAK-THRU® workshop in Krakow (Poland) where the business line informed local pesticide manufacturers how Evonik additives make plant protection product formulations more effective.

Ten Polish plant protection product manufacturers took advantage of this opportunity, sending representatives—predominantly formulation chemists and decision makers—to meet with representatives from Evonik and discuss their real-world needs and experience. At the workshop, Evonik showed how BREAK-THRU® brand additives improve the performance of plant protection products, thereby helping reduce the use of pesticides while making them more effective.

Evonik’s BREAK-THRU® additives have been on the Polish pesticide market for several years, and since that time the company has achieved double-digit growth in its BREAK-THRU® business. What makes the Polish market so interesting are its many medium-sized companies that specialize in the development of plant protection products and foliar fertilizers.

“We’d like to provide better support to our partners in the plant protection business in Poland, many of whom have specialized in formulating products with generic active ingredients for which the patents have expired,” says Carsten Riedl, a market manager at Interface & Performance for agricultural products in EMEA. “These companies are especially likely to benefit from using smart, innovative additives as a way of improving product performance and distinguishing themselves from the competition.” And that is exactly what BREAK-THRU® additives do. With products that include spreading, penetrating, dispersing, and defoaming agents, additives from Evonik are often what make the crucial difference and improve the efficiency of plant protection products.