BREAK-THRU® - Technology for Agriculture

Antifoams and defoamers

In agrochemical formulations, a variety of surface active chemistries are used as wetting agents, emulsifiers, dispersants, compatibilizers and even solvents. Many of them tend to generate and stabilize foam.

Foam formation can occur during manufacture and packaging of formulations, but also during field application. Foaming poses serious problems as it interferes with efficient filling of containers, increases processing times, and leads to possible loss of product due to overflow.

BREAK-THRU® Antifoams are added directly into the agricultural formulation to allow an easy and safe handling of the formulations. BREAK-THRU® AF products have a benign toxicological profile. These siloxane products are modified with organic groups and are tailor-made to overcome incompatibility, while maintaining the efficiency and low dose rates typical of silicone oils. 

BREAK-THRU® AF offers long term stability and superior compatibility in both water and oil based formulations. Since individual formulations contain different active ingredients, solvents and surfactants, a universal solution to foaming issues does not exist. BREAK-THRU® antifoam agents are very robust in their performance and are used in a variety of applications.