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Dispersing agents

BREAK-THRU® DA products are dispersing agents which ease the incorporation of solid active ingredients in liquid formulations and prevent their settling and re-agglomeration. 

The dispersing agents are adsorbed onto the surface of the particles leading to wetting of the particles and coverage of the surface. By adsorbing on newly created surfaces during milling, they reduce interactions and re-agglomeration of the particles. This increases milling efficiency. The resulting small particle size enables a better pesticide uptake. BREAK-THRU® DA products finely disperse the particles which leads to a long term stability of the formulations.

The benefits are a higher biological efficacy and enhanced storage stability of the formulations, even under extreme conditions. BREAK-THRU® DA products can be applied in SC and OD formulations. They promote stable dispersions without settling and syneresis in the dispersing medium. BREAK-THRU® DA products are multi-functional additives often providing also emulsification properties useful in OD formulations. In addition they have benign toxicological profiles. 

Brochure "BREAK-THRU® DA - Dispersing Agents as Multi-Functional Additives for Pesticide Formulations"

The majority of pesticides are soluble in their carrier medium. However some active ingredients that have to be delivered to
plants or pests are insoluble and solid. Due to their high affinity
to solid particles BREAK-THRU® Dispersing Agents ease the
incorporation of solid active ingredients into the carrier liquid
and increase the overall stability of pesticide formulations.

Agropages (05/2017): New Multifunctional Additive for Sophisticated Formulations