Technology for Agriculture - BREAK-THRU® & TOMADOL® 



REAK-THRU® Emulsifiers include primary and secondary emulsifiers that are based on renewable resources such as sorbitol, fatty acids and glycerol.

BREAK-THRU® EM products are nonionic, hydrophilic or lipophilic organic surfactants used for the preparation and stabilization of both oil-in-water and water-in-oil emulsions. BREAK-THRU® EM products balance hydrophilic and lipophilic properties to allow for adjustment to the needs of different applications.

To emulsify a specific oil, the precisely adjusted HLB (hydrophilic-lipophilic-balance) values of BREAK-THRU® EM products are needed. The required HLB value can be adjusted by selected blending. BREAK-THRU® EM products also provide dispersing, solubilizing and wetting properties.


The Tomadol® ethoxylated alcohols surfactants have a dual function in formulations. They increase the blooming effect of formulations in water and enhance the wetting of hydrophobic surfaces. TOMADOL® 1-5 at 0.1% promotes excellent wetting of hydrophobic substrates by reducing the static surface tension to 26 mN/m. Also, at 0.015% in water the contact angle measures 18°. Both TOMADOL® 1-5 and TOMADOL® 600 are good emulsifiers for aromatic and dearomatized hydrocarbon solvents. TOMADOL® 600 is a high performance, environmentally-friendly nonionic surfactant designed specifically for ease of re-formulation when replacing nonyl phenol ethoxylates. Both products are readily biodegradable.

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