Technology for Agriculture

New Products

We are bound by the claim: No product is so perfect that it couldn’t be made better. Therefore we use our innovative strength and creative power to develop new and even better additives based on Evonik technology platforms. They help to effectively meet the sustainability challenges in modern agriculture.

BREAK-THRU® SD 260 is the first solid, water soluble trisiloxane in the market. It contains BREAK-THRU® S 301 based on a carrier. BREAK-THRU® SD 260 is a biodegradable super-spreader especially suited for solid pesticide formulations (WP/WDG). It is for use in biopesticide WP formulations, improves/ease the production solid pesticide formulations, makes trisiloxane available for solid pesticides and solid microbial formulations, can also be used as tank mix adjuvant and has a similar efficiency as tank mix adjuvant compared to liquid trisiloxanes.

BREAK-THRU® S 301 - Readily Biodegradable Super Spreader is able to replace BREAK-THRU® S 240 one-to-one referring to mode of action, performance and applicability. It is readily biodegradable and OMRI listed, has a favorable ecotoxicological profile, is based on a patent pending technology and is not dangerous according to transport regulations.

BREAK-THRU® SF 420 - New Biobased Tank-Mix adjuvant . 100% biobased adjuvant for organic farming. Readily biodegradable (> 99% after 28 days) OECD 301 C.

Integration of agricultural adjuvants of former Performance Materials Division of Air Products: New agricultural spray adjuvants with “wetting”, defoaming and emulsifiying functionality to even enlarge our product portfolio. We are currently testing the physico-chemical properties and field performance of the new chemistry and will make use of it for new upcoming product launches.

STOCKOSORB® 660 is based on a hydrogel technology designed for water and soil management in agriculture, horticulture, forestry & landscaping. STOCKOSORB® 660 stores hundreds of times its weight in water. On demand, as soil conditions turn dry, nutrient-rich water is released to the plant root zone where it is most needed. STOCKOSORB® 660 helps create constant moisture conditions in the root zone of the plant. It provides a moisture buffer against insufficient rainfall and watering, heat and drought.