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BREAK-THRU® - Surfactant technology from Evonik

BREAK-THRU® - Technology for Agriculture

We are committed to providing specialty additives to the agricultural industry, for both uses such as tank mix adjuvants and in-can additives for pesticide formulations.

With an emphasis on innovative solutions, we offer agricultural chemicals based on both siloxane and organic surfactants under the BREAK-THRU® brand name such as spreaders and penetrants, antifoams, dispersants and emulsifiers. Our experienced staff of agronomists and surfactant experts links agronomy with chemistry.

When our flagship product BREAK-THRU® S 240 was introduced in 1992, our focus was on tank-mix adjuvants. Since then, we evolve to including different surfactant classes into pesticide formulations. Drawing upon our in-house pool of surfactants and the in-depth knowledge of interfacial processes and technologies, we have expanded our product portfolio to include additional organomodified siloxanes and other specialty surfactants. BREAK-THRU® is a registered trademark of Evonik Industries. 

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Brochure "Additives for pesticide formulations"

Both BREAK-THRU® Spreaders and  Penetrants decrease the surface tension of pesticide formulations and thereby reduce the tendency of spray droplets to bounce off plant foliage. This effect allows for better deposition and retention on plant surfaces and maximizes the performance of agricultural chemicals. The BREAK-THRU® portfolio of Spreaders and Penetrants includes siloxane based polyethers and more recently biodegradable trisiloxanes and  biobased polyglycerolesters.