Oil enhancers

Oil enhancers

BREAK-THRU® - Technology for Agriculture

Many pesticides exhibit limited water solubility, so mineral and vegetable oils often serve as the carriers to deliver these actives to plants or pests. BREAK-THRU® Oil Enhancer are unique additives designed to improve the performance of oil based crop protection formulations. 

They work by lowering the surface tension of oils and solvents, thus enabling faster and more complete leaf coverage and penetration into the plant. Added in small amounts, they enhance the efficacy of oil based pesticides formulations. As oil preferences and compositions vary globally, the BREAK-THRU® OE comprise a series of products designed for a broad spectrum of oils and formulation types. These products are suitable for use in EC, EW, SC, WDG and OD crop protection formulations as well as in crop and mineral oil.

BREAK-THRU® OE 446 is easy to apply and versatile as it is both an oil and water soluble adjuvant. BREAK-THRU® OE 446 is particularly suitable for formulations based on methylated vegetable oils and some solvents. As it is also water soluble, it can be used in aqueous formulations. BREAK-THRU® OE 446 has been found to prevent agglomeration of solid particles and inhibit their crystallization. It can be also applied in seed treatments to reduce abrasion and dust creation. 

Product listing

  • BREAK-THRU® OE 440

    Improved penetration of actives esp. in formulations based on vegetable oils

  • BREAK-THRU® OE 444

    Improved penetration of actives esp. in formulations based on paraffinic oils

  • BREAK-THRU® OE 446

    Improved penetration of actives in oil and water based formulations, stable within a pH range of 3–11, spreader esp. for methylated vegetable oils, antidust agent in WDG & for seeds treatments