BREAK-THRU S spreaders and penetrants

Spreaders and Penetrants

BREAK-THRU® - Technology for Agriculture

Both BREAK-THRU® Spreaders and Penetrants decrease the surface tension of pesticide formulations and thereby reduce the tendency of spray droplets to bounce off plant foliage. This effect allows for better deposition and retention on plant surfaces and maximizes the performance of agricultural chemicals and biological/microbial based agrosolutions. 

The BREAK-THRU® portfolio of Spreaders and Penetrants includes siloxane based polyethers and more recently biodegradable trisiloxanes and biobased polyglycerolesters. 

Due to their ultra low static surface tensions, BREAK-THRU® Spreaders provide superior spray coverage. They are unique among surfactants in their ability to impart phenomenal spreading characteristics to formulations. These products can also be instrumental in enabling cuticular penetration and in some cases stomatal flooding. As a consequence these surfactants help reduce the spray volume required for a particular pesticide application, and they allow for better targeting and increased pesticide uptake. 

While organo modified siloxanes are synonymous with super spreadering, Evonik has designed variants of this chemistry to produce similar static surface tensions without appreciable spreading to perform mainly as a penetrant. Quick penetration can translate into rainfastness in the case of many systemic pesticides as the delivery of the pesticide into the plant has been accelerated and a later rainfall cannot wash it from the plant’s surface. 

BREAK-THRU® SP stands for Sticker Penetrant. The BREAK-THRU® SP products improve the deposition and retention of the agrochemical sprays and facilitate the uptake of the pesticide. At the same time they meet today´s requirements for product safety, environmentally friendliness and convenience of handling. BREAK-THRU® SP products are outstanding with reference to their low foam tendencies.  

Our videos demonstrate the ability of trisiloxane superspreaders to wet plants and other hydrophobic surfaces.


The animated filmsequence shows the super spreading of a water droplet containing BREAK-THRU® S 240 versus an untreated droplet on polypropylene.

Aphid‘s escape from a water droplet

An aphid is stuck in a water droplet but wriggles its way out.

Complete wetting of aphids with BREAK-THRU® S 240

When the super spreader is added to the spray water, complete coverage of aphids can be achieved leading to much better contact with an insecticide.

Product listing

  • BREAK-THRU® S 200

    Excellent adhesion and retention, esp. for aqueous formulations with a high salt content, excellent emulsifying properties in methylated seed oils

  • BREAK-THRU® S 233

    Excellent adhesion and retention, esp. suited for enhancing the biological performance of (semi-) systemic products

  • BREAK-THRU® S 240

    Excellent adhesion, retention and penetration, low foam tendency

  • BREAK-THRU® S 255

    BREAK-THRU® S 255 is a biocompatible carrier liquid for microbial dispersion concentrates (DC) and a wetting agent for oil- and water-based formulations.

  • BREAK-THRU® S 279

    Excellent adhesion and retention, for liquid and solid (WDG) formulations

  • BREAK-THRU® S 301

    Biodegradable and biocompatible superspreader for excellent adhesion and retention. Carrier liquid for increased shelf life of microbials.

  • BREAK-THRU® SD 260

    BREAK-THRU® SD 260 is a solid, water-soluble and biodegradable super-spreader.

  • BREAK-THRU® SF 420

    BREAK-THRU® SF 420 is a unique, 100% biobased surfactant for Tank-Mix and In-Can applications.

  • BREAK-THRU® SP 131

    Excellent adhesion, retention and penetration, low foam tendency

  • BREAK-THRU® SP 133

    Excellent adhesion, retention and penetration, reduces the amount of particles prone to drift, low foam tendency


    Excellent adhesion, retention and rain fastness, reduces the amount of particles prone to drift

  • BREAK-THRU® Vibrant

    Enhanced deposition due to low drift tendency, esp. good for monocots with vertical leaves, very low foam tendency

brochure S 240 16:9
Brochure "BREAK-THRU® S 240 - 100% polyether modfied trisiloxane super spreader & super penetrant"

BREAK-THRU S 240 is a non-ionic surfactant and belongs to the chemical class of organomodified  trisiloxanes. These are the only agricultural adjuvants that can produce a phenomenon known as “super spreading“ i.e. the rapid coverage of hydrophobic surfaces such as leaves at concentrations of 0.1 % or less.